Get fit! Have fun! Be disciplined! Command respect!


Ming Wu takes it roots from the history of many ancient arts including Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu, Muythai, Wing Chun, Hwa Rang Do and others. Anyone who has studied multiple martial arts has learned that the arts have basics drawn from the same origins. They overlap in so many techniques, but each art has unique and varying ways to express and carry out the techniques. Through my 35 years studying martial arts I have taken the best I have seen from different arts and compiled them into one discipline of learning called Ming Wu. Ming Wu is a comprehensive art that teaches hard style, soft style, kicking, punching, throwing, hand to hand combat fighting, ground fighting, use of weapons, disarming opponents who carry weapons and much more. Ming Wu teaches warriors, both young and old, the martial art way of life. It grooms students for life to become the best that they can be in all aspects of life. It helps them bring everything into focus for the individual.


The students of Ming Wu are not anxious to get the next belt. They are also not looking to be militaristic in their approach to the art. They are familial. They are of all ages and they are learning this art for the right reasons. They want balance in their lives. They look for a strong balance between mind, body and spirit. Laughter abounds in the gym, while students learn to fight and defend. They build strong bonds with one another. They respect one another. They respect others outside the gym and some, for the first time in their lives, command respect from others outside the gym. Balance brings good things to life.


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